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Stained glass appliqué that suggests a fresco painted in an Oriental style.  Can you find all three birds?

"Japanese Maple"

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Exquisite art for light-box display on interior walls!
Light up your wine cellar with resplendent stained glass art!

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Minimum commission: $500. Rates: $200/sq.ft. and up

Put stained glass art in your door!

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Light Romance Custom Stained Glass
"Make Someone's Life Beautiful -- Today!"
Recent customer comment: "Your stained glass rendering of Van Gogh's 'Irises' is spectacular! It is the centerpiece of my wine cellar, and the colors absolutely spring to life with the backlighting. Everyone says it is the most beautiful stained glass artwork they have ever seen."

--Rajan Hooda, New York.

Make your wine cellar an art gallery!Make an impression with stained glass Impressionism!Make an impression with stained glass Impressionism!
(The camera unfortunately is unfaithful to the art glass in these photos. The iris leaves are neither yellowish nor white, but are fashioned from the art glass shown on the right.)

* Customized stained glass designs exclusively for YOU !
* Original Stained Glass Panels in Tiffany Copperfoil
and Impressionist Appliqué
* One-of-a-kind personalized stained glass artworks

We have EVERYTHING in custom-made stained glass art!

. . . Art Deco and Abstract Stained Glass Panels
...including Arts & Crafts Stained Glass

Original Art Deco stained glass window art!

. . .
Victorian and Traditional Stained Glass Windows
...including Arts & Crafts Stained Glass

Re-creating the best in Arts & Crafts stained glass!

Original Southwestern Stained Glass Designs

 . . . Original Southwestern Stained Glass -- dazzling!
Another customer comment: "Once again I can't tell enough what these pieces mean to us and the effect that they have on the rooms! As the light changes throughout the day the whole look changes, your choice of glasses and texture was PERFECT! I have a feeling that if you post these pieces on your site you will get many calls for them, but it's gratifying to know you did these especially for us. Thanks SOOO Much Again!" --Karen and Greg

 . . . Silk Route
Oriental Stained Glass Art --
found nowhere else!

Stained Glass inspired by the Mysterious Orient

Still another customer comment:
"Light Romance made me a beautiful stained glass picture in record time. They answered all my questions promptly and were a delight to do business with. I highly recommend doing business with them. I wish all transactions via the Internet could be this easy and comfortable."
See more customer comments on other pages of our website . . .

. . .Florida Stained Glass -- Tropical Atmosphere !

Florida-style custom stained glass window panel

. . . Nature, Flowers, and Birds
in Custom Stained Glass Designs
-- year-round joy!
Nature in original stained glass art ! One-of-a-kind custom designs !Nature in original stained glass art ! One-of-a-kind custom designs !
"Chickadee" / "White-throated Sparrow"

"Surveying the Realm"
Bird art in stained glass!
. . . Unique Stained Glass Designs

Make a personal statement in custom stained glass art!
"Saguenay": whale watching in semi-stylized stained glass art!

NOTE: The custom stained glass artworks shown on our gallery pages illustrate
the exceptionally wide range of styles in which we work.  We have no "stock items."
These artworks are all one-of-a-kind originals.
We specialize in custom commission original artworks,
and that's what we'll create, especially for YOU !!!
Tell us what you envision, and we'll bring it to life!

Custom stained glass art will enrich your home!
"Mountain Scene" (work in progress)

 Stained-glass art -- today's gift of joy,
tomorrow's heirloom treasure !

Ask us to find a perfect ANTIQUE stained glass window for you!

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Phone: 573-287-3233 (Nov-Apr) / 613-359-5406 (May-Oct)

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Original Stained Glass
in all styles: Traditional, Art Deco and Abstract, Arts & Crafts,
Southwestern, Victorian,
Antique Oriental, American Tropical -- and more!

Customer feedback on a custom hanging panel --
the third one she had purchased from Light Romance:
"ANOTHER job well done! I absolutely love the panel, it works perfectly in the room, and I couldn't be happier!It's spectacular! Thanks again!"
-- Peggy H.
See more customer comments on our galleries pages!
One-of-a-kind originals !
Don't see what you want?  Tell us!  We'll create custom stained glass designs just for YOU!
Whatever you're looking for,
we'll design and create an original, personalized stained glass artwork especially for YOU!

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Stained glass art in every style ! Custom designed for you.
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* Radiant stained glass art
* Amazing atmosphere in your home and office
* Distinctive gifts for distinctive people
* Free custom stained glass designs
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World-class original Tiffany-style and stained glass appliqué ARTWORKS
FREE custom design work exclusively for YOU !

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