Arts & Crafts, Art Deco, and Abstract
Custom Stained Glass Window Panels

Original Abstract stained glass panel!
"Big Bang!"

Original Art Deco stained glass panel!
"Honeybee 2"

Original Abstract stained glass panel!
"Angel, Falling"
Art glass appliqué. Requires framing. Inquire for price.

Tree of Life Prairie style stained glass panel
Tree of Life -- just one of many Prairie Style and Arts & Crafts variations!

Original Art Deco stained glass!
"Post Card from Memphis"

Original Art Deco stained glass!
We can customize this design for YOU!

"Vision Serpent"Maya mysteries in stained glass art!from Yaxchilan Lintel 15

Maya-styled stained glass panel!Maya-styled stained glass panel!
"Naj Tunich"

Original Maya-styled window art!Eye-catching Mayan Art Deco!Ancient Maya in original art!
We call this piece "18 Rabbit" -- with a real Maya king effigy and authentic glyphs !

Abstract suns!Twin Palms!

Abstract stained glass panel!
"Note from Bach"

Art Deco is Style with a capital S! Geometry, sheen, glow, color -- pizzazz! And art glass is a perfect medium for Art Deco! Art Deco evolved unconsciously from the preceding prevalent school, Art Nouveau, keeping the natural motifs, but restating concepts boldly instead of in whispers, in bright colors instead of pastel, and adding the arresting visual impact of angular forms that wedded art and industry. Things highly stylized became THE style -- planes, ships, buildings, even people. The "Big Bang" of Art Deco was the international Paris Exposition of 1925, in which the United States did not participate. There was, of course, much reactionary reaction, and stinging criticism of the notion that true art can concern or combine itself with the merely utilitarian world. But Art Deco sparked the art world, which had become the larger world of art AND decoration, and it lives on, fondly admired and desired, even into our New Millennium.

Runestone, Age of Vikings!Runestone, Age of Vikings!Runestone detail

Art Deco style is marvelously inclusive, diverse, and eclectic, drawing inspiration from the monumental and decorative arts of ancient and exotic cultures of the Orient, Babylon, Egypt, and Darkest Africa; from Nature, exemplified by stylized gazelles, palm trees, and ocean waves; and from the geometric forms of avant-garde painters and designers. Art Deco is both artful and decorative, both subtle and bold -- and, above all, STYLISH!
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Art Deco stained glass bouquet -- another original  from Light Romance !
Sold! May we re-design this quintessentially Art Deco piece, created with Youghiogheny "light water" art glass, exclusively for you?
"Deco Daisies"
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Art Deco Stained Glass
15.5 X 20.5 inches
May we create a custom "uptown" artwork just for YOU ?

Click link to view image  of this unique abstract panel. . .
Click link to view image of Art Deco stained glass with a Paleozoic twist . . .

Arts & Crafts Style Stained Glass
"Bugle Boy"
15.75 X 20.75 inches
Think Retro! Go back to Art Deco and Arts & Crafts in striking original customized stained glass art!

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Free design service!
We encourage custom orders for your own unique
stained-glass window panels and accessories.
A customer comment:
"Very personable and great quality merchandise -- I was very impressed!"
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Timeless Art Deco -- abstract art stained glass
"Coober Peedy #1"

"New York World's Fair, 1939"
Click link to view this image of Art Deco design. . .

Click link to view this image of Abstract stained glass . . .
Would you like a new original with similar inspiration?
Abstract Stained Glass Art!
Cosmic explosion of richly colored art glasses!
May we create an original just for YOU ?

A customer comment:
"The folks at Light Romance are consummate artists -- their stained glass creations are sure to be collectors items! Whether you're purchasing "off the shelf" or commissioning a work, you can be sure that the quality will be second to none, your satisfaction absolutely guaranteed. I've already purchased four pieces, with more under discussion. I can't think of a better investment, especially in light of the joy they've brought to my life!"
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Art Deco in glorious glass!
Art Deco stained glass accent piece inspired by Ancient Mesopotamia!

Approx. 10 X 12 in. / Requires frame for hanging...or, perfect for light-box display!

Art Deco style!

Original Abstract stained glass panel!
Stained glass design inspired by the art
of Pedro de la Montaña of Costa Rica!

Art Deco in glorious glass!
Stained glass art inspired by the Great American West!

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