Southwestern Art
in Stained Glass
...incorporating Raven's Eye Glassworks of Flagstaff

Western Glory!
"Zia Colorida II"

Original Southwestern Art in Stained Glass!Original Southwestern Stained Glass Art!Original Southwestern Art in Stained Glass!
"The Petroglyph Series" (Nos. 1-3)
Permanent hand-painted motifs
on gorgeous, one-of-kind art glass sheets (approx. 9X12 in.)
in rustic wood frames for hanging. $145 each.
Can be customized on demand!

Original Abstract stained glass art!Zoom in for finer detail
Stained glass art inspired by the Canyonlands of Utah!
16X20 in. / $495

Ask about our custom wood frames! And hand-cut grilles (below)!

Custom wood grille with stained glass!

Original Southwestern stained glass art!

Southwestern Art!Original Southwestern Art!Southwestern Stained Glass Art!
"American Buffalo" (left) / "First Nation" (center)
"Bison Moon" (right)

Art Deco / Southwestern in glorious glass!
"Monument II"
Stained glass art inspired by the Great American West!

Let us create custom Southwestern decor for YOU!
Or telephone 573-287-3233 (Nov-Apr) / 613-359-5406 (May-Oct)

We UNCONDITIONALLY GUARANTEE that you will love our work!
Original Southwestern Designs for Stained Glass!
We can customize ANY Southwestern design for YOU!
Original Southwestern Stained Glass Design!

"Place of My Strength"
A magnificent copperfoil panel by Christina Norlin,
inspired by an ancient juniper at the top of a Flagstaff trail
36 X 44 in. / $6,200

Original Southwestern Art in Stained Glass!
"Pedernal Vista"
Southwestern Art: New Mexico's Wide-Open Spaces!
Original Southwestern Art in Stained Glass!
"Ghosts of Sheep Canyon"
The perfect Southwestern accent art!
Make it a gift to your favorite Westerner!
12X14 in. / $375
Original Southwestern Art in Stained Glass!
An accent piece hanging on our back porch,
inspired by O'Keeffe's "Red Hills and Pedernal" and other work.
Southwestern Glass Art!
"Zia Colorida"
Original Southwestern Art in Stained Glass:
The Zia sun and clouds aglow!
Southwestern Art in Stained Glass!
"Raven's View"
Western Vastnesses!
Enjoy a Southwestern artwork in your window!
Let us render your favorite vision in our unique Southwestern art!

An original collection of Southwestern Art in Stained Glass.
One-of-a-kind Southwestern artworks custom-made for your window, door,
entryway, sidelights, transoms, or light-box,
expressing the incomparable style of the American Southwest.
Choose from this selection, or let us design an original especially for you!
Transform your home!  Give your office a personality!
Light up your life with Santa Fe style Southwestern Art!
A customer comment:
"This company was superb!!! They custom designed some stained glass for me and did a wonderful job. They were friendly, courteous, and extremely responsive -- overall very professional. Their stained glass was top quality."
See more customer comments on other pages of our website.
Impressionist stained glass applique portrait !
"Hopi, 1901"
An original Impressionist portrait in stained glass appliqué, from an old-time photograph. We are proud to say that this artwork is in the private collection of Mr. William Morrow of Colorado, who happens to be America's foremost sculptor in metal.

Southwestern stained glass art
"Chili Peppers"

Click on link to view image . . .
This is a personalized window for Kelly Wilson's new workshop in New Mexico.
What can we create for YOU?

Original Southwestern Art!
"Face of the Sun"

Dare to add the panache of Southwestern decor to your life!  Declare style!

Original Southwestern art!Original Southwestern art!
"Zia Grande" -- Imagine YOUR custom version!
Glorious Southwestern decor in YOUR window!

Original Southwestern Stained Glass Art!Original Southwestern Stained Glass Art!
"Kokopelli Pair"

Southwestern Art in Stained Glass!
"Kokopelli by Moonlight!"
The aura of New Mexico! We'll create original Southwestern Art for you!

Original Southwestern Stained Glass Art!
Let us create a colorful custom Kokopelli window panel just for you!

"Spirit of Taos"
The legendary Thunderbird, with copper frame and patina.
Click on link to view image . . .

Southwestern Stained Glass -- Vera Cruz de Santa Fe
"Vera Cruz de Santa Fe"
A unique emblematic window panel, 11.5X17 inches.
May we create a custom version just for YOU?

A unique allegorical window panel, diameter 16 inches.Click on link to view image . . .

Southwestern stained glass art
"Maize Spirit"

Southwestern Stained Glass -- Sangre de Cristo
"Sangre de Cristo"
A unique impressionistic window panel, 1.5X3 feet.
SOLD! The buyer's feedback: "Thanks for making this purchase a great experience!"

Southwestern Stained Glass Art!
"Pecos Ponies"

Southwestern Art!
"Desert Lights"

Original Southwestern Stained Glass Design!
"Rain Dance"

All designs copyright Light Romance 1998-2012. Insured shipping additional.

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Southwestern Stained Glass Ravens!Southwestern Stained Glass Ravens!
"Raven Steals the Sun" $455 / "Celtic Ravens" $475 / each 18 in. diameter
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Art glass LIVES with light, and digital computer images don't begin to compare with the wonderful visual experience of our artwork in YOUR window, brought alive by the light of day.

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