Art of the Far East in stained glass!
"Oriental Heron"
We can adapt this Oriental stained glass art for your home!
"Exotic Cranes" stained glass design!
Stained glass appliqué that suggests a fresco painted in an Oriental style.  Can you find all three birds?

"Japanese Maple"

Adapt this Oriental stained glass art for your home!
"Koi Stained Glass Design!"
Let us adapt these original Oriental designs
for stained glass art in YOUR home or office!

Stained glass art of the Silk Route!
"Samarkand Renaissance"

Original, one-of-a-kind stained-glass artworks inspired by Medieval motifs from
stone, manuscripts, and fabrics, Cathay to Constantinople;
antique designs from the Maghrib;
the incomparable arts of India's Great Mughals;
the splendors of the Pharaohs; and more!

Oriental atmosphere!
Oriental Art from the Silk Route!
"Culture Shock"
Regal Pharaonic stained glass !
"Middle Kingdom"

Oriental Art: cranes
"Cranes 2"
This is an appliqué window panel.
May we design an original just for you?

Stained glass inspired by Antique Oriental Art! Oriental stained glass
"Jehangir's Footpath"
"I am so very pleased with my purchase of  'Jehangir's Footpath,'
as also are the many visitors who have seen it.
The colours are perfect for my tastes, as they reflect my beautiful Eastern decor.
 I want to thank you both for bringing it into my comfortable surroundings."
-- T. Shah Quraeshi, West Palm Beach

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In our striving for originality and freshness of style, we remind ourselves that the wheel in fact cannot be reinvented; however, it can be made to roll in new directions.  In our "Silk Route" series we  happily derive inspirations from splendid and often little-known oriental and antique art spanning history from the most ancient times to the Middle Ages.  Adapting an array of harmonizing motifs from disparate expressions of these art-loving cultures, we produce in each piece a rich and novel artwork.  It pleases us thus to pay tribute to the nameless artists of faraway times and places in resurrecting their long-forgotten work, while imprinting our own artistry in the selection, reforming, and synthesis of motifs into an original design, and in our musing selections from the vast palette of art glass.

Oriental stained glass inspired by Medieval Asian Art !
"Caspian Dream"

Oriental stained glass inspired by Medieval Asian Art !
"Bukhara Revisited"

"Shalimar Vignette"
We can customize these window panels for YOU!
Prices depending on intricacy of design, costliness of art glass, and overall size.
 Endless variations available !

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